The Best Styles of Fall

By Bailey Blair

Summer come fall brings about many changes. This season is no exception. The era of COVID-19 significantly impacted the state of the world, and the people responded. The response is loud. The F/W collections of the moment have made the debut of the decade.

Fall 2021 reflects the emergence of visual stimulation and creativity. Designers aren’t holding back any one method of expression. The last year or so (who’s even counting?) have kept us cooped up in quarantine. Now emerging is a bold change reflecting the attitudes and ambitions of the new era. It’s time to go for it and get out there.

Which is why for this fall season, expect the unexpected. There is not one rule or guideline to follow. Make way to see what is coming down the runway.

Here is the ultimate guide to the best handbag styles and trends in the spirit of the new times. (Don’t worry: Classic autumnal colors remain unaffected).

Everything is made-to-be-seen this season.

What we’re seeing:
Shearling bags

Someone once said you shouldn’t wear white after Labor day. Wrong! You should and it should be the thick tufts of sheep wool peeping out of suede hide. The thick white dazzles in the darker atmosphere of autumn. It’s the most obvious way to be cozy and luxe.

From left to right: Telfar, Jacquemus, and Chanel.
What we’re seeing:
Editorially bold and bright colors

You’ll know it when you see it. Stand out in any shade this season. Rich neutrals, bright blues, and pinks are making their mark BUT chartreuse, the love child of yellow and green, is having its moment. It was dubbed the official color of 2020 and we cannot let it go! Colors don’t stop there. Color blocking styles, mix and match, you name it. It’s all encouraged.

YSL, Hanaa-Fu, and Chanel
What we’re seeing:
Suede for days

Suede, a recurring fall classic maintains its sophisticated reputation. Popular shades reflect your coffee order. Light and deep browns ranging from lattes to mochas suit any style bag. Opt for double dipping into trends by mixing a bold blue with suede. People will know you got the memo.
By Far, By Far, and Savette

What we’re seeing:
Barely there, phone bags

Mini bags have a practical cousin: Phone bags. Jaquemeus’s Mini Chiqito walked so Balenciaga’s Shopping Phone Holder could run the streets this season. The small rectangle shape is constructed to hold exactly your phone (and maybe some lip gloss). Easy access to your phone is a refreshing change from the purse digging we’re all guilty of.
Coach, BARCOS, and Balenciaga

What we’re seeing:
Don’t shoot the messenger

What started as a utility bag for postmen has taken a turn for you. Medium size messenger bags hold all the essentials necessary for your day or night.
They’re simply designed to throw over your shoulder or slide to the side. Knowing everything is protected with the signature single flap, you can be on your merry way.

House of Sunny, Prada, and Tod’s.

What we’re seeing:
90’s styles-inspired silhouettes will have you saying “That’s hot.”

From left to right: House of Sunny, Prada, and Tod’s.

Nostalgia is an Instagram-hit. Over the shoulder bags barely touching your waist are having a distinct takeover of the gram. Top handle bags with soft corners and distinctly round shoulder straps are the hallmark of the 90’s hot girl it-bag. A single top handle and pint-sized chicness have been featured in shearling, leather, and various colors. This season, you can do no wrong with a mini shoulder bag. As if!

What we’re seeing:

When Bottega Veneta’s pouch entered the scene, it had us all in a chokehold. The leather resembles butter when slouched just enough. The pouch shape remains around and has gotten some updates. But if a pouch isn’t for you, just upgrade! The style has no limit: Totes, shoulder bags, and shoppers can melt into your hand thanks to the figureless structure. Exude a more relaxed, effortless feeling with the elegance of leather upholding the posture-less shape.

Fendi, BARCOS, and Bottega Veneta

What we’re seeing:
Bottomless bags: It’s sort of a big deal

Shoppers and totes remain staples of the busy woman’s life. A catchall bag (literally) holds laptops, books, makeup, and whatever else gets you through your day. An oversized bag is allowed all autumn. Let your belongings fall into a fashionable abyss with the season's assortment of ultra-roomy tote
Kate Spade, Khaite, and BARCOS

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